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Objective. This case study is about an year-old girl with bilateral facial weakness, abnormal taste sensation, and absent deep tendon reflexes of both knees. Facial diplegia (FD) is a rare neurological manifestation with diverse causes. This article aims to systematically evaluate the etiology, diagnostic evaluation and.

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By Taugor - 20:50
Central facial palsy is a symptom or finding characterized by paralysis or paresis of the lower half of one side of the face. It usually results from damage to upper.
By Kazrajin - 10:59
Diplegia, when used singularly, refers to paralysis affecting symmetrical parts of the body. Facial diplegia refers to people with paralysis of both sides of their face. Bilateral occurs when the onset of the second side occurs within one month of.
By Akira - 18:52
Bilateral facial palsy, AKA Facial Diplegia, is defined as facial paralysis or paresis affection both sides of the face, with onset being either completely.
By Doshicage - 16:45
Diparesis (plural dipareses). (medicine) A neurological condition that causes weakness affecting symmetrically opposed parts of the body, most commonly in the.
By Kiganris - 16:37
A rare cause of progressive facial diparesis. Ioannis Karakis, H. Royden Jones, Ashish A. Gajjar, Dwayne B. Baharozian, Jayashri Srinivasan.

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