5 Types of Vaginal Discharge and What They Mean - UnityPoint Health - Clear oderless vaginal discharge

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Vaginal discharge can provide clues to your health and menstrual cycle. It's a sign that your vagina is staying clear of infections and self-cleaning. Watery. Normal vaginal discharge is clear, may be thick or thin, and is usually odorless. The amount produced and the consistency may change at different times during.

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By Tegul - 14:46
What does it mean when you have a lot of clear watery discharge?​ Vaginal discharge is fluid that flows through the vagina to keep it clean and moist and to prevent infection.​ Healthy discharge is usually mucus-like and has no smell.
By Makree - 00:04
Burris also says normal vaginal discharge varies in amount and ranges in color from clear to milky, white discharge. Discharge may have a slight odor as well.
By Vigal - 21:02
They are associated with vaginal discharge, which is considered normal. odorless or has a weak salty odor; not accompanied by itching or burning . and some have more; in some, discharge is clear and in some, it is yellowish or whitish.
By Gonos - 04:54
Watery vaginal discharge is usually a clear or translucent fluid. Glands inside your vagina and cervix create vaginal discharge to carry away dead cells and.
By Dokus - 05:34
Most of the time, vaginal discharge is perfectly normal. The amount can vary, as can odor and color (which can range from clear to a milky.

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