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A death erection, angel lust, or terminal erection is a post-mortem erection, technically a In men, "a more or less complete state of erection of the penis, with discharge of urine, mucus or prostatic fluid is a frequent occurrence present in one case in. PENIS RIGAMORTIS Lyrics: (BUSHPIG) / THE VOMIT ON YA ANUS, FEEDS THE WORM, THEY CRAWLING UP MY PENIS / EAT THE HAIRY BALLS N.

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By Tezragore - 09:37
Rigor Mortis is caused by stiffening of the muscles. There are no muscles in the breasts or the penis. However, during death blood could rush to the genitals.
By Malasida - 13:44 › define › term=Rigamortis.
By Faeshakar - 20:36
Stewie: It appears my weewee has been stricken with rigamortis by a lack of ATP, and thus myosin cannot dissociate from the actin in your penis muscle.
By Arashigal - 06:32
It is nearly impossible to make a deceased human penis erect even in the lab. So rigor mortis setting in won't really cause any kind of erection like one would.
By Yozshuktilar - 19:46
Rigor mortis is a stiffening of joints and muscles. It is not a stiffening of soft tissue, which is what the penis is. The penis gets erect due to blood.

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